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Danat Al Khaleej Tourism LLC Abu Hail, Dubai, UAE

Modern Dubai Tour

Virtual Dubai – a city that initially only existed on high-tech computer screens, is coming close to its final realization and existence in the physical reality, with sky-scrapers growing like mushrooms. The city is world famous for its innovative construction technologies, as well as modern technologies and daring projects – this will be the determining theme for this tour. We will visit one of new Dubai’s most prestigious areas – Dubai Marina, with its high-class boutiques, restaurants, and many sky scrapers. Next, we will stop by the 8th wonder of the world, the Dubai Palm Island and its gem – the Atlantis Hotel (photo stop only). Then we will head to the newly opened Dubai Mall, which will surely impress you with its state-of the art aquariums. Finally we will head to the tallest building in the world- Burj Khalifa, with its unique dancing fountains. After this tour, you will not be able to mix up Dubai with any other city in the world.

Современный Дубай

Великолепный шанс увидеть Дубай во всей его красе! Бурдж Халифа, легендарный остров пальма Джумейра, неповторимый отель Атлантис и единственный в мире семизвездочный отель Бурдж Аль Араб, а также рынки золота и специй! Лучший способ познакомиться с удивительным городом!.