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Since its completion in 1999, Burj Al Arab has become the identity of Dubai, though quite a lot number of unparalleled structures have cropped up across the emirate after its opening. This is due to its timeless opulence, sheer elegance, marvelous location, and obviously its stupefying assortment of dining choices that offer everything one could imagine including Far East Asian, European, American, Mediterranean, and seafood delicacies. Moreover, you’ll be spoilt for options available here, from award-winning, signature style, and casual to romantic and open air dining. Dining at Burj Al Arab, however, is much beyond its copious delights

Ужин в отеле Бурдж Аль Араб

Здесь ужин – это не просто ежедневный ритуал, это событие, сочетающее в себе небывалые гастрономический открытия и восторг от ощущения роскошности происходящего. Незабываемые впечатления от ужина в единственном семизвездочном отеле мира!